Mother and daughter! 10/3/2015

Very few in this world  believe grey hair is a sign of wisdom because the majority   thinks   grey hair is   a sign of old age. If you have to  guess a person’s age by looking at his/her grey hair, more often than not you may be wrong because grey hair can set in even at the age of 30 plus and by the time he/she is fifty,  it may be  difficult to find  a single strand of black hair! However   the phenomenon  like baldness mostly depends on genetic factors  and  you can’t do a thing about it, especially   in the case of the latter.

Again, I always  believed in growing old naturally  and I   fall in the category where a person starts  ‘growing old ‘  during early  thirties, and  I can wholly attribute it to my genes because my mother would say when she got married  at 12 or so, my father who was six years older already boasted of a few strands of grey hair. I noticed by the time he was  in his thirties he did not have a single strand of black hair  and  he would apply Loma which made his hair turn into a blend of yellow  and  moss  green!  Thereafter he thought it wise  to leave it alone   and  as a result the  manufacturers of   this wonderful dye  ended up  having  one loyal client less.

If I were to choose  between looking years older due to my grey hair  or  looking wise because of it , I would opt for   the second  but   sometimes  it amuses me  when  people  mistake me for a parent  of  someone who is my own  age !

I   am familiar with the advertisement    ‘sisters?-no mother and daughter’ but  now I think I should reverse it  and say’ mother and daughter? –no  sisters ‘ when  two women of the same age  are clothed in a salwarkamiz and a sari . I need not tell you  what the  advertisement  tries to convey.


n.meeraraghavendra rao


One thought on “Mother and daughter! 10/3/2015

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Your observation of your father using Loma and suffering those effects was funny but it only indicates the eternal quest for youth in all people!

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