‘Magnanimity’ of my westernized grandson 16/5/2015

Mamma, how are you?  Greeted my grandson who had just arrived from the U.S.

What a pleasant surprise,  I said  looking at the youngster  who appeared to have had a complete makeover from the last time I had seen him.

I just arrived, checked into the five star hotel  last night and  was eager to meet you first thing in the morning.

I  scrutinized him from top to bottom and strangely there was no sign of any jet lag whatsoever , infact he looked  not only smart but fresh  as well.

How are things out there? You seemed  to have  adhered to the saying, Be a Roman in Rome, I said   with a   critical look at his faded jeans and tucked in tee shirt which made his paunch protrude even more.

Have you forgotten to address me as grandma?

No mamma, you look so young and I feel you can pass off as my mother, he said  and knowing him I  didn’t take his compliment at face value.

Now let me come to  brass tacks mamma, he said turning serious.

Not knowing what to expect I said, what is it about? Are you planning to marry an American girl?

Well, You are right, he confirmed.

What else? I said.

I have decided to live permanently in my wife’s part of the world and give up my Indian citizenship, He  informed.

Now you shock me, I exclaimed. But don’t you have all the property  you are going to  inherit  from your father ? I said  quite taken aback at his declaration.

Comeon mamma, I am not such a fool as the Housing CEO  WHO HAS GIVEN AWAY HIS STAKE in the company  JUST LIKE THAT , he  clarified.

But  what will you do  with your property here when you are planning to give up your Indian citizenship? I said  flabbergasted.

Don’t worry   mamma, I made  plans  to retain  the   property  I would be inheriting, he  asserted.

I  was at a loss  to comprehend what he meant by that statement  of his!

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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