Love or arranged marriage 14/7/2015

The other day  I was   trying to catch  up with   one of my relatives who had come down  from the  U.S.,  after a time the conversation turned to some of our  cousins who had recently got married. ‘HAVE THEY HAD AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE OR A LOVE MARRIAGE’, I  asked  and  almost bit my lip  when  he guffawed  saying, ‘only in India  you still believe in arranged marriages  unlike in rest of the world’. Well, I   reminded him his marriage too has been an arranged one and  he had no complaints.

I wonder  why people  in the west mock  at arranged marriages   saying we are very much behind times. I feel  they are  ignorant  about the changes that are taking place  because now a days the  prospective bride and groom  do meet  a couple of times  to  get acquainted with each other before  their final consent and once it is given, an engagement takes places which provides an opportunity for the ‘couple’ to  get to know each other better before tying the knot. Sometimes  the  time gap  varies depending on the date of the muhurtam.

Whatever kind of marriage one goes through, it is adjustment that matters and one has to work  hard  to make  their  marriage   a success and   couples in India  have an added advantage  of family support  which is absent in the west where divorces are more common, I said while parting but he didn’t appear to be convinced..



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