Come   quickly and see  how many have   given a proof of their love , exclaimed my husband early in the morning.

Love for whom  and  how have you found out? I said   even as I came out of the kitchen   surprised at his excitement.

Come soon and see for yourself,   he reiterated .

Where are you? I  said expecting him to be immersed in reading the day’s newspaper  as he usually does first thing in the morning  and not finding him there.

Browsing through the  net on your system , he said  peeping out  of my study.

Why this sudden interest in logging on to MY  system which is unusual of you, I   said  still surprised.

Well, it only shows I too am capable of  giving you a surprise, he laughed.

O.K. tell me  what is this ‘proof ‘you were talking about? I said   indifferently.

Read for yourself,  he guffawed vacating  the chair to make me sit in comfort.

When   I  scrolled down  I could see a number of  KNOWN AND UNKNOWN   people showering encomiums on   their mother  in  flowery language  to demonstrate  their love for  her as a celebration of MOTHER’S Day .

Oh, I don’t find anything  so exciting as you did, I  sighed.

You are a wet blanket, he accused.

No, I am not, because  I have  seen all this kind even before, I said.

You mean  expressing their love on FB?  He said raising his eyebrow.

Yes, some  do so for their spouses  in order to greet on their birthdays(read husbands) , some  for their  children on their  birthdays , some for their PETS as well  wanting  the world to know how much they care , I  said .

I wonder  how they  did express their love before the advent of FB?  He said more to himself.



One thought on “LOVE BEFORE AND AFTER! 11/5/2015

  1. V Raghavan

    I haven’t been much of an FB fan. A few weeks ago, I happened to look into the FB of one of my friends. Surprised to find that she had 170 friends, several of them showering encomiums on her recent professional achievement, much along the lines you describe above. Personally I greet her on any of her achievements through an e-mail only. I

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