Long Face 23/9/2015

Why did you put on a long face? Said my friend   who was my first caller.

Long face? I exclaimed not knowing what she meant. But before I could say anything further, the line got cut abruptly, which I found nothing unusual knowing   she was calling me on her mobile (which apparently ditched her I was sure).

Then it was soon followed by another caller, who came straight to the point asking me why I was looking different, rather too serious. You could have dyed your hair with henna, she added.

Oh, so you have seen my photograph, I said happy that the picture caught her attention more than the write-up.

Did you read what was written about me? I said.

No, not yet. I wanted to congratulate you when I saw your photograph so prominently displayed  in such a prestigious newspaper, she said gloating.

Thank you so much, but please read   the text also, I said.

After more than a dozen calls in quick succession,  the phone rang again, and this time I could see  the first caller was back to continue the talk.

Sorry Meera, I am calling from my landline which I feel is more dependable. I wanted to know why you put a long face which is unlike you, she laughed.

Oh, you mean in the photograph. Well,  a lot of my friends who saw  were very complimentary about how I looked. Most  of them said  I look very learned and dignified, I added.

What do you feel, do you think what they said is true? She wanted to know.

Well, I rather prefer  taking them at their word, and looking the way I am, my grey hair and all. Have you noticed something else, the difference between my earlier photographs that appeared in the press and the present one? I asked.

No, she promptly replied.

Well, for the first time I wore glasses when I posed, I said.

No wonder, you look older than what you really are, she chuckled.

I am not bothered so much about how old I look as long as  my book  is read and what my readers think about it, I quipped.



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