Just a pat on the back 13/5/2015

The other day I  realized  what  a simple gesture  like  a   gentle  pat on the back does to a person’s morale  and  in boosting his/her self  confidence  more than any confidence building measure.   It begins in a small way with  your  mother  patting  on your back  as a gesture of appreciation  when  you  have won a prize in a contest  or for  your  good  grades in school  and  the gesture continues  even when you pursue your studies  at a higher level.

Later when you get married  the gesture  is  replaced with a handshake by your spouse  which certainly has the same effect as a pat on your back  does.  You see the this gesture being extended at the corporate level as well when your boss  acknowledges   your contribution  with  the words’ you have done a great job’ .

However , I feel   the  greatest  difference  you notice in yourself  and feel reassured  is  when your doctor  sees you off to the door  gently patting on your back which  itself   means’ Don’t worry, I am here for you’ which  speaks even louder than a hand shake.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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