It happened again10/8/2015

I thought  taking a constitutional  on the main road is hazardous  with the callous traffic of all kind, especially the drivers/owners of luxury cars whizzing past you giving you a jerk  all the time.  But I was proved  wrong  because accidents can happen wherever you are, even while walking in a private lane where just a handful of houses are situated with some owners boasting of  pets. It is said once bitten ,twice shy but in my case it seems to be an exception. The other day ,while on my  morning   walk, suddenly  I felt some object  landing on my head and I screamed so loud fearing  it would attract the attention of everyone living  in the lane. After getting over the initial shock, I looked around for the culprit and found one dried branch (fortunately quite small) fallen from the big tree along side the wall which chose my head to briefly halt before falling down.  I didn’t know whether  to be happy or sad that my screams could attract only  the pet  dog of one of the owners.

It happened again, this time right inside my own house when in a hurry to step out for my constitutional, I hit my toe against a steel chair so hard that my poor toe is left  red and  swollen and paining ofcourse. Now, all that I can do is to  console myself that  some people are  accident prone!

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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