Is make up important? 15/09/2015

I remember when I first appeared on the television in a current affairs programme  where I interviewed three journalists (post emergency), I was  ushered into the green room and the makeup man applied a base and literally coated my face with layers of   powder, applied kajal and lipstick and said I was ready for the shoot. Since it was a live telecast, I couldn’t see how I looked. However I was happy to know people who watched the programme say I did a very good job, asked very relevant questions and appeared very professional. Excepting for a few who remarked on my appearance saying I looked much fairer than what I really was and I told them what makeup can do to a person. This happened in my subsequent appearances through the years I  interviewed achievers in various field. Later When I started writing books and was interviewed for the print, I was happy I could do away with the makeup part because all that was important to me was not how I appeared in the photograph but  whether my readers enjoyed reading my books (seven till date).However, to my surprise and disappointment, I had similar experience when my photograph   was carried in an invitation to my book launch recently, followed by  press write-ups.  The first thing a few people I know said, ‘I think you should go to a beauty parlour before an event.‘

Probably one can look beautiful and perhaps a little younger with dyed hair and makeup but if someone wants to look natural  and their age, the choice should be left to them, don’t you think so readers?

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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