Chennai women  are fashion conscious all the time keeping pace with the  fast changing trends , mostly having  leading film stars as   their role  models.   It matters little to emulate them in respects other than sartorial. The  HALF SARI WORN BY Deepika Pudokone  continues to reign supreme  among the young, (also some old as well)  and  designer blouses, ready made or made to order  are  still  patronized by those who can  stretch their budget to  no end   especially   when it comes to the second. On a personal note I would like to add when I wished to have some embellishments   on one of my blouses, the lady  who has a high profile clientele  took the order and when she handed it back to me, all that  was added to my blouse were a row of plastic pieces stuck on it  which started peeling off  almost immediately, needless to say the amount charged was exorbitant. After the experience I realized I had learnt  literally a costly lesson!

Coming to the point of   changing fashions, we see  popular actors sporting  blouses  with three quarters  sleeves  or even longer   but I am yet to see a fashion conscious woman  irrespective  of her age  emulating  them, probably the weather in Chennai doesn’t permit   them to do so!

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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