How young are you? 29/10/2015

I always wondered why we Indians are obsessed with age and looks unlike people rest of the world. The moment we are introduced to someone, man or woman, the first thing that we do is to start guessing his/her age, whether the person is younger or older than us. The comparison in looks too starts and we always are vain enough to think we certainly have an edge over them concluding the person must certainly be older than us and we are more beautiful or handsome. The only exception perhaps are the politicians who don’t seem to bother about their age, they are ageless, you see and also don’t care about how they look either because  their objective in life is only one thing and I don’t have to say  what it is. They are so well focused in achieving it, only their means might vary in degree.

n.meera raghavendra rao


One thought on “How young are you? 29/10/2015

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Only in the area of Politics, age is respected if we go by what happened in the case of Rahul Gandhi & Narendra Modi. People said Rahul doesn’t have the experience, the power & fluency to convince the great unwashed. Perhaps some white hair gives dignity to a person. Age does teach us a few things — a tolerance for differences, skills for management of conflicts and an awareness of one’s fallibility. Youth may be beautiful or handsome but also is arrogant, self-absorbed & young people are convinced of their infallibility.

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