Hats off to Doctors with conscience 24/2/2015

The headline  in Sunday  Times grabbed my attention  for more than one reason.  The standfirst says’78 doctors reveal how pressure to generate profits forces them to adopt unethical   practices in pvt.Hospitals.’

A   cardiologist  from Kolcatta who left the corporate  hospital after seven years  because his conscience began pricking  says  in order to benefit the hospital and meet its commercial needs, one has to do things like keeping patients in the hospital longer than necessary and doing unnecessary investigations and procedures(including angioplasty) .

According to a general practitioner in Nashik,a  reference for angioplasty can earn a doctor rs.30,000 to 40,000.

A super specialist from a metro  laments    if one has to survive professionally  in some corporate hospitals one has to compromise on principles because  for  these   hospitals  statistics  and   reaching targets for surgery  are of prime importance.

Pharma companies   too have a share in luring   doctors with foreign tours   under the pretext of medical study,  according to a physician  from Maharashtra.

I s it  not ironical that when corporates  MAKE IT A POINT TO exercise their  social responsibility(CSR) , Corporate hospitals are shedding their social responsibility  by   giving  sole importance to achieving targets  exploiting  ‘medical  ignorance’ and gullibility of patients?

I wish  the tribe  of   doctors with a conscience  would increase!

n.meeraraghavendra rao


4 thoughts on “Hats off to Doctors with conscience 24/2/2015

  1. V Raghavan

    Something happened today in sharp contrast to the cases of swindling described above. My cook’s husband who is a temple priest and earns less than a security guard went with an eye condition to a good hospital. The FRCS doctor performed free of charge a procedure which costs normally Rs 1200. I sent her message saying that she is an angel!

  2. V.N.K.Kumar

    Two books which i have read in this connection are: 1. Less Medicine, more health — H.Gilbert Welch & 2. Overdiagnosed by same author. Yet there are compassionate doctors with integrity. Only we might not cross their paths. Still, as long as somebody benefits, our faith in humanity gets restored.

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