Hail VDAY 14/2/2015

There are options galore to celebrate Valentine’s Day and it’s a blessing to youngsters working at BPOs   who can take it easy the next day. The newspapers are full of ideas regarding gifts the young/not so young lovers can give to each other. They range from gold, silver and platinum and for those who don’t believe in such expensive gifts , the choice is even wider in the form of short stints at unexplored tourist spots including religious places within the reach of one’s purse.   Again there is another option if one wishes not to stir out of one’s city of dwelling which is eating out at their favourite joints all day   giving a holiday to home food! I feel this is the best option even to elderly couples, however in expressing their love for each other, they should remember to indulge in food that is stomach friendly. All the same here’s wishing everyone a happy and memorable l Valentine’s Day.



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