GRFP 23/11/2015

What is your column about this time? My husband wished to know.

Well, it has all to do with GRFP, I said.

Strangely, to my knowledge there is no abbreviation of that sort, said my husband   grinning which meant  he was mocking me for my weird ideas.

You are right. I can tell you it is neither an acronym, I   conceded.

Then what is it? He said.

Why don’t you guess? I shall make your favourite dish for lunch if your guess is right, I assured.

Then give me three guesses, to be fair, he pleaded.

o.k. go ahead, I said.

Well, G probably stands for your maiden surname:Govindacharya. R for my name, F for Feminine and P   for  Press, he  expanded what the four letters stood for according to him.

Totally wrong, I  said  to his disappointment.

O.K. I will give you a clue, I said not  wanting him to make  anymore  wild guesses

That’s better, he  said appearing pleased.

You very well know   I steer clear of certain topics when I write, I said.

Yes, I am aware  you keep away from controversial and sensitive issues, he agreed.

Absolutely right for once. There fore I keep away from writing on GRFP , I said.

Ah, now I know what you mean, he guffawed!

N.MeeraRaghavendra rao


10 thoughts on “GRFP 23/11/2015

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Perhaps F=Fashions.

    Madam, your enigmatic post is hard to decipher. I was scanning the dictionary and looking up the entries for ‘F’ but nothing seems to fit. I give up!

  2. V.N.K.Kumar

    My last guess is F=Feuds

    Feuds between ISIS/ Al Quada & Christians, Islam & Judaism, Catholics & Protestants, Muslims & Hindus, Shiites & Sunnis, Vyshnavites & Shaivites, Upper castes & lower castes in Hinduism, Blacks & whites… ad nauseam ad infinitum

    Pl. reveal the secret. It is not good to tantalize anybody!.

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