Film vs. digital? 19/10/2015

Once the digital camera came on to the scene, the conventional film camera had become obsolete   joining the ranks of junk  in the house  fit to be discarded  at the earliest opportunity. Now  tablets and selfies  have made  their appearance, and people owning them carry them along  wherever they step out. You are considered  behind the times if you don’t  happen to possess either of them.

I must confess I  was  using  my film cameras, Kodak and Canon with  which I took pictures during our travels within and outside the country over the years but what I lament is  both  my cameras  stopped cooperating with me and  I find  there is no competent person to set them right. I am happy to say I have published the second edition of my  travel book-3 E’S OF TRAVEL  which consists more than 120 pictures I took with my  film cameras, the book is available in Odyssey book store in Adyar.  Certainly the book  is fit to be a collector’s item mainly for  the pictures published along with my travelogues. I am posting the cover picture of the book.

3E brochure v 1.2

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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