FB-A BLESSING 18/6/2015

I   always  thought  advances in technology   are both a boon and bane , more of the second because of the  disappearing personal touch  .The number of followers  one has is  a test to the person’s popularity  and  the number   invariably increases  with more and more pictures, mostly personal  posted   on their page .Women  find  it a blessing  as  it   provides an opportunity for them to model  clothes of their choice  and  gloat in  the compliments they receive from their followers. Unfortunately  men have no such chance because of the limited sartorial choices they have. However, they   use FB to express their love  on the occasion of their spouse’s birthday and  on their   wedding anniversary, turning  something that is personal  into universal !

But  now    convinced  about   the boon part of it , I  found geographical distances  disappearing where I am  able to watch birthday    celebration of  my   near and dear  living in far away countries from my   own home. Probably all that I  miss is a bite of the yummy cake cut by the birthday girl/boy on the occasion.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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