Cooking for two 24/6/2015

The other day  a distant relative of mine  was not convinced when I  said   as a home maker, I had  hardly any time to catch up with my reading.   ‘Well, how long does cooking for   just the two of you take?’  he laughed derisively. I said whether it is for two or more, it’s only the quantity that varies, all the rest  that goes before and after  the chore  should not be ignored. Added to that is the time   spent  answering the door bell , mostly   from  callers who ask  for locating addresses, conversing  on  phone  and ofcourse   getting things for the home. Added to these  are  occasional outings  apart from attending meetings and social gatherings.‘Most important  is updating my blog to keep up with my writing’, I added.

‘I see that you are more a writer than a reader’, he averred  after he heard me  patiently. I didn’t mind admitting that  he was right  and said my inspiration comes from people I meet or interact  than from books and congratulated him  for being an avid reader  able to complete tomes   overnight. It was possible for him to do so   because he  was spared  of all that I had to do as a homemaker!



3 thoughts on “Cooking for two 24/6/2015

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    It is more difficult for a woman to multi-task as a Homemaker, cook, companion, professional, counselor or whatever than for a man.

  2. Professor V Raghavan

    Multi-tasking comes more naturally to women. I once wrote in this blog about a civil engineer who used to make drawings for my work – one hand on the keyboard, the other on the mouse and the cell phone tucked between the shoulder and ear!

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