Chennai women outsmarting men at conning 4/4/2015

The other day  a young woman came to our home holding a sheaf of ‘ fliers’ and a bagful of ‘gas savers’ and before I could shoo her off not wishing to have another saleswoman  at my door, she   thrust  a pair of   gas savers into my hand along with a gas lighter and a potato peeler  and demanded a hundred rs.  towards  their cost. Though I was put off by her shrill voice I could not but admire her smart marketing strategy  which I thought could not be matched by anyone holding  a  management degree. Soon I parted with the amount  and even as she collected it, pretended to talk with someone on her mobile  and disappeared  in a jiffy.  She managed to con my neighbor  pocketing four times the amount  (probably because she came to know  she had a four burner gas stove) exhibiting her  marvelous  marketing skills !

Now we hear  and read about such women who have upgraded their competence for conning gullible people into parting with their cash, jewellery and other valuables besides   exploiting  single elderly men (either by chance or choice) wishing to marry  and lead a  peaceful life .

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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