Celebrities or nonentities? 26/11/2015

How nice it is to be a celebrity, Preeti, my grand daughter started thinking  aloud.

Why do you think so? I said even as I was reading the day’s news paper.

See, how Amir khan got so much coverage in main stream newspapers for what his wife observed, she replied.

But you forget that it was not his observation  as reported in the media, I corrected.

Yes, but since his wife is not a celebrity, perhaps that’s the reason media attributed the statement to him, she justified.

Well, Preeti it’s a wrong  precedent the media is setting up and you as a student of journalism should know that facts are sacred and one should not depart from FACTS, I reiterated.

Then don’t you think the fact should be borne in mind by the media, print or visual, she contended.

That’s exactly is my contention, I stressed.

Grandma, I feel  media is also biased, she stated.

Glad you realized it, I said happy that the girl is able to  think for herself.

You know, for instance, when they reported Rahul Gandh’s speech  at Mount Carmel in Bangalore, the media focused more on how he was cornered by the students in their interaction and not said anything about the speech he made which I think was quite o.k. for someone who continues to bask under the party’s one time glory, she stated.

Preeti, I am sure you will make a good journalist  if you maintain your balance, I said happy at the child’s maturity.

Now I feel it’s better to be a non entity than a celebrity, she quipped.




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