Caught unawares 21/2/2015

How much did the bypass surgery cost you? Said my friend  who believes in getting himself updated with the escalating costs of medical treatment, irrespective of the nature of  illness.

Well, probably  the same as purchasing  one of the latest  cars, I said  amused at his curiosity.

But he appeared not satisfied with my answer.

Is  it five, six or seven lakhs? He  said.

Understanding  that he was serious I  asked him to guess.

Well, I can  tell with authority about the three corporate hospitals I know and the  most reputed one is also the most expensive one  in Chennai , he said promptly.

Well, the amount charged in this particular  hospital  is close to that figure, I said.

Oh, not bad, he appeared relieved.  I  wanted to know because I should be prepared  in case…. , he added .

Why do you  imagine that a situation would arise at all in your case? I tried to assure him.

You wouldn’t know, you see. Sometimes we are caught unawares, like it happens in most cases, he sighed.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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