Birthday gift for six year old 26/5/2015

Aren’t you giving a gift to my Blog on its birthday? I  said to my husband as we were having our breakfast.

Aye, you seem to be having weird ideas, he mocked.

Well, I may have to repeat what I have been saying  in the recent past, I said.

What’s that? He said  clearing  his plate .

That times have changed  and people are   celebrating even their pets’ birthdays and showering them with gifts of all kinds, I  reminded.

That’s the most ridiculous  thing, I ‘ve  heard, he guffawed. By the way what  are the gifts like? He  said next.

Ranging from  silver anklets, gold chains and fur coats, I said.

Fur coats in Chennai? He said  shocked.

Probably to prove how much they love their pets, I laughed.

Prove to whom?  ‘Their’  friends  or  their—

Enough of   joking. Now come to the  point and tell me what are you gifting my blog on its sixth birthday? I  reiterated.

O.K. Let me think. I feel the best thing to gift on ‘someone’s’  sixth birthday  is a set  of six designer  glasses and you can use them, he said after thinking hard.

What will I do with those six glasses, we already have more than we require, I said disappointed.

Wait, you know I love fruit juice and hereafter you can make juice with six different fruits, probably include tomato as well and  use the glasses  on a daily   basis. You know in that way we can make the best use of the glasses as well as the juice maker I had gifted you on your last birthday, he suggested. ’You know it will also save me the trouble of peeling and cutting them everyday’ he  added.

His suggestion  left me dumbfounded

n.meera raghavendra rao


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