Authors galore! 18/5/ 2015

Like some celebrities /achievers  in  their respective field  become     house hold names  during their life time (i.e. the lucky ones), almost every  second or third house  can boast of an author  in near future, because  all that  one   requires is knowing a little English  to talk  and write.  Whether   anyone reads their books is a different matter for the writer’s job is done once the book is published  by a publisher (again if she/he is lucky) or self published   in its physical  form   or online.   But the fact is more and more   authors  making their debut  are increasing  day by day  if one has to go by  what a journalist  has written  in his column recently.

The sad part of it is when   authors are multiplying  , book stores  are  shutting down  with equal speed and  a day might come when authors  of all categories  will have to  think of a strategy  to market their books from their own homes  which  is akin to working from HOME !

n.meera raghavendra rao


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