Stolen hand bag! 27/10/2015

When I read  about a theft of a handbag  happening at a restaurant in Besantnagar even while the foreign tourists were  digging into the famous idlis the restaurant is known for,  it was reminiscent of  my experience while sipping from a cup filled with freshly brewed  coffee. The only difference perhaps was the country where  the incident took place. My husband and I   were on the last lap of our European  tour by Cosmos and  were having breakfast at Franktour hotel in Paris. I was so absorbed  in relishing the brew that  after finishing it  I bent down to pick up my handbag placed by the side of my chair and was in for a shock! The bag had disappeared and I noticed  the young man (probably an Italian or French)  sitting in front of us too was missing!

I rushed to the reception to lodge a complaint but knew the futility of it. On our way back I peeped into the garbage bin placed outside the hotel to see if the thief had dumped   my handbag after realizing it contained nothing of use to him-either dollars or gold but I  was disappointed. Fortunately my husband  was carrying our  passports on his person throughout our 17 day tour. My only regret  was losing all the trinkets I picked up in various countries we visited and my reading and glare glasses not to speak of my new beautiful blue pure leather handbag which till today I have not been able to get  one even remotely similar to it!

n.meeraraghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Stolen hand bag! 27/10/2015

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Crime exists everywhere. Some young people drop out of school, take to drugs and since they have no earnings, resort to theft/burglary for financing their addictions. Perhaps foreign tourists have similar experiences in India, whether Goa, Jaipur, Udaipur or Agra. The only solution perhaps is for us to be extra careful. Your hubby was quite clever to have kept the passports, travel tickets & money with him on person. That should be your ‘modus operandi’ in your future travels also, isn’t it?

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