The  other day my maid had been to a government hospital  to get her decayed tooth   extracted but returned without  the job done because the doctor had insisted someone accompany her in her own interest  of safety in reaching home. I said   the doctor is justified  in saying so  and  out of curiosity asked her  how well the hospital was maintained.  Immediately    she went into raptures  about  how spick and span   the hospital  is  kept   without a speck of dust  and when the floor  is  being  mopped,  no one  is  allowed  to  pass by  until it is totally dry. Also  the doctors  take personal interest  and listen patiently  when the patients    consult them.

I   could not help  thinking  about the contrast  the so called private/corporate hospitals present .When I chanced to visit one of them , I noticed  even as a  patient was being  shifted from the cardiac ward  to the deluxe room , the   floor was being swept  and   the   dust  was permeating  all over  and the patient was trying his best to ward it off !    Worse still was  the hospital was not equipped with enough  attenders   to  take care of   patients’ needs  that   in one case the  attender     left the patient in the lurch because his shift  was getting over  in a few minutes  by which time  he had to complete  changing  sheets  as well as giving bath to  half a dozen patients!

I   realized  government  hospitals  not only give free treatment  but also maintain some standards  where things matter  unlike  corporate/private hospitals  ,and the only thing that’s special  about them   are their high rates  which  unfortunately  are not   matched by the service  offered.



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