The commercial factor 8/3/2015

There   has been  more of disapproval  by   women who matter  regarding the  documentary ‘ India’s daughter’  and their opinion  is  justified  for more than one reason.  I feel  If  the maker of the documentary  wished to express her  concern for the safety of  her own sex  in India,  she would have found other better ways  of  doing so and also had come out with sane suggestions.   If  her intention was to pay a   tribute  to  the unfortunate victim of men’s brutality, she  would not have  waited until the IWD. The timing was perfect   since she  certainly had a vested interest, which is making money at the expense of  a poor helpless  young woman whose name  was protected  in the name of decency until this film was made. It was  timed in such a way  so as to attract international attention  and also get the film maker  tremendous publicity  at no extra cost.

Also  I feel  the print  and visual   media   could have  refrained from  displaying the photograph  of the remorseless  sadist  who deserves  the severest punishment for his   gruesome act.



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