Quacks make hay while  Sun shines 28/5/2015

I   sat glued to the channel  where the anchor was grilling a Quack  who proudly claimed he had a ‘cure’ for the ‘third gender’ promising  them a better future in their married life. He substantiated his claims mentioning statistics of successful cases.  All this he said with a straight face  while the whole world was watching.And as the grilling continued  with the other doctors on the panel supporting the anchor and  decrying the Quack’s  claims , the latter  became more and more defensive  with a slight change  in his tune  saying he cannot refuse  to treat  patients  when they  ‘voluntarily’  seek his  advise.

At the end of the discussion I admired the Quack  for his confidence and courage to appear on a visual medium which  could   result  In cancellation of his license by the Medical Council of India .Probably he was prepared to take the risk, I thought.  I   couldn’t help  being reminded of the cases that were botched up by so called specialists  in large hospitals  in our city. Will they have the courage  to admit their mistakes on a visual medium  and run the risk of getting their licenses cancelled? I wonder if such a day will come in our country. Well,  the title of this post   is not confined to Quacks alone!

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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