Medical advice by Medicos 29/04/2015

Among several controversial opinions  expressed   on  media  regarding   long standing  myths and beliefs , medical practitioners too seem to be making their presence felt  by addressing niche gatherings  leaving them utterly confused and  feeling helpless. Repercussions  of Disease treated  are more  than if it is left untreated  is the latest  sermon being given by senior doctors who also are of the opinion the medicines prescribed  reads  like a laundry list and it is the drug industry that benefits more than the patient s do. Again, when it comes to  heart surgeries , bypass surgeries can be avoided in majority of cases  because they are performed   mainly for commercial reasons, i.e. to benefit the hospital  and add to their statistics.

Now, I would like to ask  what is the alternative  in case of an emergency ? Do you  believe  what the doctor says and go ahead  with the treatment prescribed or   choose to bypass  his advice and  risk your life?

Can anyone  from the medical/non medical fraternity give me a sensible answer?

n.meera raghavendra rao


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