Digging up the past 13/4/2015

History repeats itself  is an adage and it seems to apply to  T to  politicians in  our country  who conveniently divert peoples’ attention   by   not solving present  problems of different nature but  digging up  something that has happened in the past  and making an issue of it.  This provides fodder to the news channels  with the  participants of the show  going all out to defend the  omissions and commissions  of their   party  which is trying its best to get a toe hold  and remain in the limelight at any cost.

We know that   race for power is  nothing new since it  has been existing right from centuries  all over the world , only difference is in the present  the greed has increased  and the means are  slightly different   and democracy  has lost its significance  altogether.  It only proves honest and sincere  leaders who fought for the country’s independence have always been sidelined  and continue to be so  today by  those with vested interest. Probably  this is the best opportunity for authors writing on history to come out with  books  on how snooping  is nothing new  if  it results in  personal gain!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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