Controversies, controversies and controversies 16/5/2015

When  the  controversy  over   Maggi  noodles    is yet to die down , other  issues have cropped  up  which are  being lapped up by  various  national television channels  to air on  their debating  sessions. The latest  head to roll  is that of   Sushma Swaraj  who  has used the social media  to justify  her role in Lalit Modi  getting   the  visa saying  it  was  purely on humanitarian  grounds. It is a fact that  a quid pro quo  is  the practice followed by   our politicians  through ages and the latest  case    does not come as a surprise.   Such instances have occurred in the past, will occur in future as well  in a country where  money and power  play a dominant role where  even  criminals  are let off  with their ‘money power’. It is a pity  the  real  victims  are devoid of any Voice in today’s  scenario.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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