Chuckle it away 27/5/2015

What has our country come to? mourned one of our friends  at a get together organized to discuss the future of our own as well as that of  the younger generation .

I think the  gen next are more thoughtful than us, made plans for their future  while still in college, observed  another.

Which meant  they had no concern  for us  who  toiled  and sacrificed   our own interests   in preparing them for a career, lamented  a father of   an only child.’ See, for instance  my only son who has gone abroad for higher studies, has married  his class mate  and the couple has no plans of coming back to India,’ he said.

One reason I could think of  is to lead a comfortable hassle free life away from their parents, agreed  an elderly parent   who too had an only son.

Probably, that’s the main reason  for our children preferring to settle abroad ,  echoed  most in the gathering.

I think who ever believes in the saying ‘ blood is thicker than water’ should change it to, ‘Water is thicker than blood’, said  a mother  of two sons  who lived alone in her apartment purchased by  them.

I would  like to change  it slightly  butted in another who was silent until then .The  new expression should be something like this’  Yielding to Peer pressure is the order of the day’.

Do peers  mean relatives or friends?  The gathering said in unison.

They  may belong to any category , also could be  one  of the spouses who might have the greatest influence on the other, quipped the youngest in the gathering.

The best thing is to chuckle it away as we do about the country’s future, said the first who initiated the discussion.



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