YOGA COUPLE 21/6/2015

So much  brouhaha  is being made today   that   there seems to be sudden awareness  about the benefits of yoga. Those who are not familiar with them  started getting acquainted  with this ancient Indian art/science. Those  who have been practicing  too have given it a holiday due to some reason or the other  but  decided to  imbibe it into their routine  once  again. However , my experience   true to the saying ‘ once bitten, twice shy’  has taught me a lesson for the rest of my life.

The  lady  yoga trainer  was highly recommended   by one of my relatives who  was very much impressed  with   her   experience   and approach. I promptly  engaged  her, more to get rid of my back ache and become energetic (not minding   the  exorbitant  fee charged )  and began my sessions in right earnest.   She would come thrice a week  on her  bike and in the 20 minutes she would teach me the exercises step by step  and appeared extremely delighted at the progress I was making. I  kept asking her whether the advanced asanas  she   made me do  were advisable at my age  but she brushed it aside saying  a couple of her clients  who  were aged  70   and above   were doing these. I felt  flattered when she appeared amazed at the way I was able to do even the toughest   asanaas, though with a little effort.

Then one day, it all happened-I  was forcefully stopped in my tracks when   I  couldn’t  put  a step forward  with my    limbs  suddenly   not co operating coupled with an aching back. I tried to contact her to explain but she  became incommunicado. By then  I spent thousands of rupees  in the four months  she conducted her  sessions at my home. During that period her husband   volunteered to teach my husband some asanas and  the very first  session  made the latter  keep him at an arm’s distance   because he felt groggy  the whole day which was unlike him.

I  realized  the   so called trainers in yoga who make lofty promises  to treat    therapeutic  problems are not equipped to do so  , they  can only teach asanas   and  are least concerned   about the consequences  if they  are diligently practiced  by their clients.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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