Who is more thick skinned? 16/2/2015

I wonder if all mobile users are the same all over the country? I can talk with authority about my own city, Chennai. You find people behind the wheel engrossed in talking over their mobiles, pedestrians crossing a busy road with their ear glued to their mobiles, people suddenly fishing out the instrument from their brief cases while rushing to their place of work when they hear the buz , not minding whether they are in the middle of the road or near an overflowing garbage bin. All this doesn’t surprise me any more as it has become a part of ‘mobile’ scene in Chennai. But as I was returning home in an auto the other day, I found a lady standing right in the middle of our private lane absorbed in talking on her mobile oblivious to the approach of the auto. If the driver had not applied the break ,her fate would have been different.

‘Even a buffalo will have better sense ‘ fumed the auto driver. The lady instead of thanking him cursed him for coming in her way!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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