The humble Dhoti 26/6/2015

I never imagined even in my wildest dreams  the  humble   dhoti would  hit the headlines and become a topic of discussion   among Chennaiites. However the dhoti is a kind of unifying force  among the four corners of the country  with only the style of wearing being different.  The  Chenniite  wraps  his veshti tightly around  his waist, wears a belt to keep it in place but the priest at the temple needs no such ‘band’   to hold  his panchkatchham  because the style of wearing it  itself  facilitates free movement  apart from  adding dignity to the wearer. Talking about dignity, Chenniites  irrespective of their age and occasion  have taken to  wearing   panchakatchham   to keep pace with changing fashions  and my husband I found is no exception.  He wears  it to the manner born  and feels very proud when people  notice his  attire  and ask him  who is his ‘mentor’

As an answer he whispers the name of the shop  from where he has picked it   up. Long live the  no longer humble and old fashioned  panchakatchham     which is paired with an equally elegant looking jibba.  Can women lag behind ? Certainly not  as  they too  can keep up pace with their counterparts , that is, if they choose to!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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