The aftermath of floods 30/12/2015

Floods or no floods, chennaiites are no less spirited than Bombayiites when it comes to picking up the strings and moving on with life. Nature  proved a leveler, not discriminating between the poor labourer and the businessman, irrespective of his  size and  line of business. The domestic and construction workers who were proud of being owners of their modest ‘houses’ wouldn’t have dreamt that one day all their belongings  including their clothes ,tv set, sparse furniture  and   domestic gadgets  would be washed away. But they have not forgotten to smile, rather grin and bear it has become their attitude.

The plight of small businessmen dealing with books and saris  was no different as the first were completely drenched and  the saris which were  stocked in  the  basement of their apartments  had got totally  damaged. But what amazed me  was the victims instead  of  moaning their fate have   bounced back with greater strength. The book shop owner I met appeared hopeful of rebuilding his stock in a couple of months and promised me to get the books I needed. Also   I happened to meet an owner  of a sari shop who showed me more than a dozen saris which were  neatly displayed in a corner of his store. He said they were the damaged saris which were thoroughly dry cleaned and ironed and he was offering them at a 40 percent discount. They appeared no different from the fresh stock he showed me. I was all praise for his honesty and shared my thoughts with him.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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