SowcarJanaki all the way 19/8/2015

A record unsurpassed -67 years  in the film industry and still in demand is what SowcarJanaki  is today.  Samavesh hall in Savera was packed  with  audiences including a few  who is who of Madras at an event  to celebrate Madras Day which is spread over a fortnight now.  Mohan Ram, who anchored the event-Cinema Rendezvous, took us on a  journey of her life in films, showing clips, right from the  movie Sowcar where the sprightly bright eyed  teenager made her debut  and won the hearts of every  movie lover. Subsequently Sowcar Janaki  acted in films in   other languages including Hindi  and her diction was to the manner born. In the interaction that followed, I asked her, how she was able to maintain her excellent English  without  it getting corrupted  (her  English  diction is very good and   without any regional accent) despite having to learn  regional languages for acting in films other than in her mother tongue. She said from her childhood days she liked listening to  BBC news and reading English newspapers  and always believed in perfection.