Pure Gadwal sarees in Chennai! 28/4/2015

The other day I went looking around for Gadwal sarees  and to my surprise  I   learnt all the reputed stores I visited stocked   the variety which was an apology for the original. The fabric was inferior, so too was the zari which  had no content of silver at all.  It  glittered so much that it made its presence felt  that  the   beauty of  the sari faded  completely. However these so called Gadwal sarees were  folded  in the fashion of their   original form   which certainly was deceptive. Again  surprisingly the   salesmen    haven’t heard of Gadwal Seiko which is a combination of silk and cotton  which disappointed me.

I left   wondering when  sarees from all over India are stocked and displayed  at the their shop windows, how is that  a   genuine Gadwal  saree   does not find a place  anywhere  in these large  cloth stores? It is disheartening  to see this  iconic saree of  our neighbouring State  is  not found even in  Government outlets of the  state.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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