When  I attended the event  put up to celebrate the anniversary of Dignity Dialogue , a magazine brought out by the NGO, Dignity Foundation , it  dawned on me that  it is never too late to exhibit  hidden talents , only what  is required is an opportunity to do so.  The highlight of the event was the Tamil play  albeit its oft repeated theme of the friction between the two women  in a man’s life, his mother and wife,  won  accolades  because of the  superb  performance of all the actors. They just   lived their roles and  the dialogues  came naturally to them  without any script writer  having to pitch in.

The   speeches  that preceded   the play   gave us a  nodding acquaintance  of Russian, Korean  and , Tamil  authors  and their works besides  a very illuminating brief  presentation  of   select   quotes / expressions  used  by   Shakespeare who we were informed introduced 21,000 words into the English language  which are in vogue even today.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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