Marriage Catering in Chennai 03/11/2015

The most  memorable thing about attending a wedding is the lunch  we have during the muhurtam and the dinner served at the Reception. Hitherto when one booked a hall for a wedding, it was mandatory  to book for  the wedding feast as well to complete the  package. It was not too pleasant to watch grumpy and indifferent  waiters going about their job mechanically  with  no second serving of any of the side dishes. But today it is heartening to find the wedding party is allowed to engage the caterer of their choice  for the event with the hotel providing all facilities to prepare  food  in its  kitchen. It has certainly come as a boon to the wedding guests as well  who look forward to a hearty meal befitting an  important occasion besides a personal touch to the whole event. For instance even before you ask for a second helping, you  find a trolley containing the entire menu going around  with smiling  waiters ready to serve  whatever you wish.

These days  it is  common to see beautiful  rangolis and vegetable carvings  welcoming you at the entrance of the marriage hall  and  mechanically following the guests to the dining hall, but things are certainly changing.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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