Indo Americans vs. Indians 18/8/2015

Sometimes I feel  controversies/attacks  are not  just the privilege of  politicians fighting tooth and nail in Parliament turning every trifle into an issue when I notice it is being emulated at the family  level as well with people trying to settle scores using Facebook as their platform! Today it seems to be a battle of wits between Indo Americans and we Indians  who fortunately or unfortunately have resigned ourselves  to our lot. Again the former who have had the roots in India and settled in the U.S. try to project everything that is unsavoury  about our country, information which is gathered from New York Times, a leading newspaper which seems to project more of the negative side (which we already know)substantiating with photographs .

I only wish some of these Indo Americans who think the world of their adopted country spend some productive time in the country they were born and brought up to create a model village on the lines of Beckonscot in London.

n.meera raghavendra rao