Exchanging notes about sabha canteens 31/12/2015

When we walked into the Music Academy canteen run by the famous Padmanabhan, I   thought  we would find it half empty in view of health conscious people not opting to eat at sabha canteens post deluge but was surprised to see the seats (both for mini meals and full meals) all occupied. We decided to take our friend’s advise and opt for a full meal comprising a typical south Indian menu –sambar, kootu ,rasam, vegetable, chips, papad  ,raitha , payasam etc. Excepting sambar and masiyal(made with greens),the rest of the food was not hot which was quite disappointing. The concert by a young musician was again not to our expectation  as his voice  which was rather husky  lacked appeal. I looked around to see if I could spot anyone I knew and was happy  to locate a few  but on second thoughts refrained from waking them up!

Now after suffering the consequences of giving in to temptation, I ‘ve decided not to venture eating at two other sabha canteens ,despite being strongly recommended by our friends.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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