Compliment a woman but not on her—- 20/4/2015

I watched SmritiIrani’s interwiew  with Arnab Goswami  last  evening and was full of admiration for her witty  and ready answers  to his incisive  probing   into the reasons  for  her being sidelined.  She did  not  appear    embarrassed  or provoked  (to his disappointment) but on the other hand  had an edge  over him in many ways proving    for once  the interviewee is capable of  taking on  a domineering interviewer without being aggressive. There  was a clash of voices  no doubt  which is nothing new  in the Indian  television  scenario  as it was   apparent  who was trying to have the last word!

I happened to attend a book release event  the previous day  where a celebrity was present to receive the first copy.  She is  not only well known for her  performance   in her field  but is  admired for  her intelligence and good articulation in English. Thanks to the host  of the event   who very capably steered  the  meeting from   becoming a  political debate  and  the author was compelled to stick to the theme of the  literary event.  What came as an anti climax  was   the formal vote of thanks  where  the  person proposing it  complimented the celebrity on her  looks!

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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