Aunty or Paati? 23/4/2015

All of us whatever gender we belong   to invariably (there are exceptions ofcourse) go all out to look younger than what we actually are and feel thrilled when someone puts us in the age bracket  years younger .  The easiest way trying to camouflage  our years is  dying our hair , I mean what remains of it  with age catching up. The  next thing is (carefully)   sporting   our attire  fit for someone much younger   expecting compliments  on our sartorial tastes and in keeping with fashion trends. Unfortunately  like it is said face is the index of mind,  our face is the first give away with wrinkles  taking over.

Well, coming to the point, we found a family of different ages   occupying the table next to us at a restaurant and the youngest, looking  around  three  greeting me with a very friendly smile even as she was dipping pieces if idli in sambar and  enjoying its taste.  The little girl voluntarily  informed me one was her paati  and the other elderly lady was her kollu paati. Immediately her  paati  pointing to me said,   ‘Tell me, is  she an aunty or paati?’

The brat  literally scrutinized  me for a long time and  replied  with a broad smile  ‘ She is Paatiaunty’. What diplomacy  at her age I left wondering !


n.meera raghavendra rao


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