World Hypertension Day 19/5/2014

Diabetes  and Hypertension appear like twins though their birthdays fall on different days and months. More often than not the first  chooses to visit not the middle aged as it used to do but people much younger who give scant regard to following a healthy lifestyle. Hypertension soon catches up with its ‘twin’ as it doesn’t wish to lag behind  in the ‘race.’ Rare is a person who goes up the ladder in quick succession  reaching a pinnacle in his profession devoid of the ‘twins’ affecting him –natural consequences of stress due to his responsibility.

Coming to the Indian context  I could notice  how our politicians have  celebrated    World Hypertension Day. To begin with  the man who occupied the top post  appears visibly relieved  of his  hypertension  as an immediate consequence of not having to dance to the dictates of the overbearing lady breathing down his neck for over a decade. He is happy that he would be   left alone in future to think and do what he likes and wishes.  The man who was a ‘nine days wonder’ would have found  his blood pressure rising and  has forgotten to smile and wouldn’t have been aware of it.  The mother  who dreamt that her  son   would become the P.M. one day, would  have found it difficult to conceal her  shock  at the drumming her party received  at the hustings.  As far as the son is concerned , he too appeared  immensely relieved  because his hypertension if he had any would have disappeared in a jiffy considering that he was a free man  now and could take a permanent holiday from politics, that is if he is ‘allowed’ to do so by his ambitious mother!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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