Wither Speakers’ responsibility 13/05/2014

It was one of the ‘best  events’we attended where the best speakers were selected to offer their views on the book that was being released. Unfortunately the venue was neither conducive to the luminaries seated on the stage nor to the audience, more so to the latter who had to literally ‘stage a walk out’ not able to bear the jarring noise which  overpowered their verbal  communication skills. Sadly  the M.C. and the first few speakers who chose to address  from the mike in front of the podium were not aware  of  the echo emanating from the uncooperative instrument!

When I   joined  my husband who had chosen to leave the ‘auditorium’ when he found the  reverberating  noise unbearable, I noticed  one of the speakers walking to the front of the stage and  addressing the audience using a hand mike. Oh, what a relief it had been to my auditory senses I thought and appreciated the wisdom of  the distinguished speaker who seemed to have realized his foremost responsibility was  to the audience gathered for the event they eagerly looked forward to. The two other speakers, both former CECs too followed suit  and  every word they uttered  was clearly audible and enjoyable leaving a great deal for food for thought.

I  only hope  speakers  in future  observe  the body language of the audience  to realize  their  responsibility  is primarily to the distinguished gathering  and  not  to revel in listening to their  own voice!


n.meera raghavendra rao 


2 thoughts on “Wither Speakers’ responsibility 13/05/2014

  1. V Raghavan

    I was at the function. Amen. The MC was listed to be a moderator, when the three distinguished CECs were supposed to be in conversation. Nothing of that sort happened. The MC took a good half hour talking, not realizing that his words were falling on deaf ears (gone deaf by the mike’s unbearable behavior).

    1. Probably the MC enjoys the role of a speaker than that of a moderator .He was reading excerpts from the book most of the time fiddling with the pages in the process!

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