Winter in Chennai 24/11/2014

You  seem to be turning your wardrobe upside down, said my husband who was silently  watching my ‘operation clothes.’

Well, I am taking stock of my ‘winter saris’, I said.

Winter in Chennai !he guffawed. As far as I can see, the two month season brings only hordes and hordes of mosquitoes, he sighed.

The other day my friend who had come from Delhi said  winter in Chennai  is a ‘sweatless season’ which  is an apt description, I observed.

I agree, we can do without having a shower in the evening unlike the rest of the year. Evenings   are pleasant too,  he conceded.

Yes they are, with the cool breeze blowing, I said .

And cooking is less of an ordeal. Winter is the only time we needn’t recycle food, he affirmed.

Quite true, I agreed.

Why not make some  hot onion pakodas, a good mix of  hot and cold, he suggested looking sheepishly.



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