Window shopping for saris 2/9/2014

If you  find time hanging on your hands the best way to occupy yourself is to go on a window shopping spree, is the advice I  give my friends   who complain of boredom.  I t was one of those days  I  felt like doing nothing, not even watch the television or  indulge in my favorite past time which is calling up my friends  and have long conversations  about nothing in particular. Therefore I   decided to  follow my own advice and go for window shopping   visiting boutiques and high end sari shops  in our area. The first shop I  chose to step in was a two storeyed   building with no elevator. Reluctantly I waded through  the stairs  just to have a look at their collection. Fortunately I found a few ladies engrossed  in examining the   wedding collection and a salesman   giving singular attention to them leaving me to myself. There were  saris  suiting every budget  and they appeared very elegant  with  beautiful thread work. Tearing my eyes off them I walked down the stairs to the section which stocked inexpensive saris , none of which looked appealing. The salesman’s  indifferent attitude  and lack of knowledge about the fabric  made  me quit the place  within moments. I was sure  he too was just waiting to see  me leave.

The next  shop  was much bigger  with one storey  extra  than the previous one.  I   headed straight to the wedding sari  section and lo and behold  found a host of people there, young ladies with stiletto heels  wrapping those heavy silks  around them  standing in front of full size  mirrors  and their parents  giving them an appreciative look and clicking pictures. I felt it was not the first time I was witnessing such a scene in Chennai  sari shops !  I  came down  to the ground floor in the elevator and looked through some kotas  and other cottons. I was attracted  to  a light green kota sari with some embroidery and  even as I  was  in the process  of deciding to pick it up, the lady  sitting next to me grabbed it, put  it against her shoulder and scrutinized herself in the mirror nearby.  Noticing my look of admiration she asked me whether it would suit her. Perfect choice, I said weakly  and  she thanked me profusely for helping her to decide!


n.meeraraghavendra rao


One thought on “Window shopping for saris 2/9/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    No sweat. In any case you only wanted to do window-shopping. Or is it that when women say “window shopping” they mean “Cherry-picking” and go out of their homes fortified with credit/debit cards & cash to accommodate any impulse-buying.exigency! It was a nice read though & gave a vicarious experience of a woman’s frustrations.

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