Why the haste? 31/12/2014

How is that you are back so soon? Asked my husband seeing me return from the music concert within minutes.

I could have just stayed put in the house, I said.

Why, wasn’t the concert good? He said.

Horrible, I said. The musician fell short of everything  that is expected of a good singer, I said.

Aye, since when have you learnt to evaluate a performance? He said surprised.

Well, I know enough to distinguish between  a good  and bad performance.The musician had no sense of sruthi and  added to it the few minutes I heard there was more apaswara than swara in her performance.  It was obvious that she lacked practice, I stated.

Did anyone notice you exiting from the hall? He said  sounding a little worried. You know it’s bad manners  to do so before the completion of the song, he added.

The  audience comprised just a handful but  I slipped out when the musician turned back  to the lady playing on the tanpura, probably to ask her to come closer so that the sruthi was more audible, I said  .

Hope  you were not sitting in the front row? He  said  and I knew  he was sympathizing with the singer.

Thankfully not, I assured him.


n.meeraraghavendra rao



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