Why do we ‘develop’ Tunnel vision? 28/20/2014


The other day  I was talking to a few friends of mine and discovered they all had  something in common which is, an  absolute  focus  on whatever   activity they were engaged in. I could understand their passion and involvement  and perhaps  their enjoyment as well  in  pursuit  of   whatever was close to their heart. What I discovered in the process of our exchange was  their inability  to evince interest  or appreciate  everything   else that had hitherto interested them. There were no more shared  jokes as their sense of humour had taken a beating  and  their perspective  too along with it.

All along I was under the impression  only  doctorates, scientists and super specialists    were highly focused  unlike generalists like me but  realized it was a misconception and  anyone can develop ‘tunnel vision’ and  hence be oblivious to things happening around!


n.meera raghavendra rao 


One thought on “Why do we ‘develop’ Tunnel vision? 28/20/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Freelance Journalists & authors cannot afford to have a tunnel vision. There is a tendency to focus on a narrow field of husbands, children, mothers-in-law, shopping & cuisine on the part of most home-makers. That would be tunnel vision. That will be boring for writers with a creative bent of mind!

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