WHO IS SHE? 20/06/2014

Someone smiled at me and I mechanically returned her smile, said my husband  as we were having   dinner at a hotel we patronized.

Don’t you know who she was? I said  feeling quite sure he didn’t recognize her.

Well, she did  look familiar but I didn’t want to make any faux pas this time, he confessed.

I can understand, still remember how embarrassed you appeared  the last time when you addressed  the lady  by the wrong name, I said  laughing.

You also make these mistakes sometimes, infact more often than I do, he accused .

O.K.agreed  but now tell me how did this lady who smiled at you look like? I  asked.

Very beautiful and sophisticated, he said full of admiration .

What a pity, I seemed to have missed seeing her, probably I was too engrossed in relishing the stuff, I said full of regret.

Aye, now I remember who she is, screamed my husband oblivious to the fact we were in a public place.

Who is she? I said  nudging him.

She is our neighbour  who has recently moved in, he said so loudly that it left me embarrassed when I found everyone around suddenly turning towards us!


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “WHO IS SHE? 20/06/2014

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Flirtatious husbands do not forget the names & faces of beautiful women. Thank your stars that he doesn’t remember these things. The reference to beauty might be just for card indexing a person into certain categories like average, ugly, beautiful and then forgetting about it!

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