Who is responsible for creating Prejudices! 04/06/2014

I hate  Suchitra, I am not going to talk with her , declared my little grand daughter Preeti.

But isn’t Suchitra your best friend? I said  knowing how close she was to her.

Not anymore, she fumed stressing on the negative.

But why? What has made you suddenly fall out with her ? Shall I talk to her or her mother, I offered  albeit a little  hesitantly .

No, she  literally screamed. I f you do, I shall  stop talking with you, she threatened.

Also I hate anyone interfering between us, she said adamantly.

You know there is a saying ‘there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics.’Like wise I am sure there are no permanent enemies among friends also,  I ventured to suggest stressing on enemies.

Grandma, does the saying apply to relatives as well? She asked immediately.

I suppose so, I said  not understanding what she had in her mind.

Then , why is that Aruna is strictly instructed by her mother to keep away  from some of her relatives? she asked .

Though I was taken aback by her question or doubt , I thought for a while and said, ‘probably there is some reason behind it. But I feel  one should not develop prejudice against anyone but learn to accept people as they are, be they relatives or friends,’ I  said feeling my words would have sounded like a sermon to the youngster.

You mean have an Open mind ? she  said.

You are spot on , I said hoping she would  make up with her friend turned ‘enemy’ one  day.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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