Who ages faster? 18/07/2014

I am wondering who ages faster, women or men? I said  even as I was looking at a picture of a celebrity.

The answer is obvious, he grinned.

Probably you are right and it all depends upon the other half, I said laughing.

You mean the best half? He said raising his eyebrows.

As far as I know there is nothing like the Best half, only Better half, I corrected .

You too stand corrected because there is nothing like the Other half, he mocked.

O.K. agreed. But coming back to the point why don’t you be more precise about the reason for women aging faster, I said. I am sure you meant women age faster than men, I added.

No, I never meant what you assume.That’s  the problem  with you women, you assume a lot , he accused.

O.k. Why be ambiguous? Why don’t you be more specific in your answer without mincing words, I said annoyed.

O.K.Since you ask let me tell you it’s the men who age faster than women, he asserted.

That’s strange because it’s a well known fact that women show signs of aging sooner than men.That’s why earlier generation would insist on their sons marrying someone atleast five or six years younger than  their sons, I  said surprised  at his statement.

Times have changed you know. Now we notice men start aging faster than their wives , the first signs are developing baldness, he said running his hand over his head .

What do you mean? I said dismayed.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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